• Games - Simple game launcher for GNOME

  • GameHub - Единая библиотека для всех ваших игр (Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, Wine/Proton, DOSBox, RetroArch, ScummVM)

  • Lights Off - Logic game

  • Mahjongg - Mahjongg game

  • Mines - Minesweeper game

  • Multiplication Puzzle - A puzzle game.

  • Picsaw - Jigsaw puzzle game

  • Quadrapassel - Tetris game

  • Swell Foop - Puzzle game

  • OpenRiichi - OpenRiichi is an open source Japanese Mahjong client written in the Vala programming language

  • Asteroids_Vala - Simple game using OpenGL

  • Flappy GNOME Tutorial - GTK is not a framework for animated games, but this tutorial shows the use of CSS in GTK 3.8+ by pushing it to its limits in a fun way

  • Chess - GNOME Chess game

  • Pasang Emas - Traditional board game of Brunei

  • Tetravex - Puzzle game

  • openSage - a port of OpenSAGE from C# to Vala. OpenSAGE is a free, open source re-implementation of SAGE, the 3D real time strategy (RTS) engine used in Command & Conquer


Shishen Sho Mahjongg for Gtk and Maemo - A board game similar to Mahjong. (2008 Maemo)